A Taste of Paris

… Some wonderful shots from my best friend’s trip to Paris. Thanks again Em for letting theparttimestylist post your photos – its been lovely having my own personal street style photographer!

Exciting news: theparttimestylist is now on bloglovin for you to follow – xx.

Anna, Carine, and Margherita – Oh my!

As promised, street style shots from outside the Giambattista Valli show – photo cred going to one of my besties: Emily J Pollock. When I teased these pictures over the weekend, I shared my story about moving away from university and separating from my five housemates and closest friends. Throughout school these girls were my family, and we’ve made so many amazing memories together… so it’s understandably a little scary to be moving on to a new job, and a new chapter in my life without them right by my side. But I was absolutely blown away and touched by all the comments and stories I received from you about leaving your friends behind! It’s so wonderful to hear how much fun catching up with your friends after uni can be – thanks ❤

And now on to the pictures… Anna is always a favourite of mine, especially because she plays muse to Tommy Ton, a widely recognized Toronto-born fashion blogger and my current role model. In this dress however, she doesn’t need anyone to win my adoration! As The Man Repeller would put it, I am loving mullet dresses this seasons. There is something so romantic about the maxi length, but with all that leg show in the front you don’t lose out on the edginess or the scandal factor of a mini. The hardware on her waist and the chunky statement necklace contrast so well with the flowy sheer bottom of the outfit.

It’s great to see Carine in a context that is removed from her recent Vogue Paris exit and rumoured future endeavors. I will say though that I am eagerly awaiting the release of V’s September issue to see her interpretation of a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. Margherita Missoni looks fierce in this outfit – I envy her boldness and ability to effortlessly play with patterns.

Enjoy the shots… I’ll put some more up tomorrow – xx.

With Friends Like That

I graduated from uni this spring, and while I was happy to be done with school and on to a new challenge, I was devastated to leave my housemates behind. The girls I lived with are gorgeous, have amazing personalities, and the kindest hearts – I couldn’t ask for better friends. And while there’s no doubt our friendship isn’t over just because we moved out of our old, dark student house, it is much much harder to keep in touch in the city.

My housemate Em moved to a different city than I did, making it that much more difficult to catch up. So when we finally got around to talking I was shocked to learn I had missed so much – not only had she started a new masters program, but she did Paris! I knew I was going to be jealous of her trip, as I have never had the opportunity to go to France… but I didn’t know just how jealous I was going to be! Lucky girl went during fashion week season and snapped photos outside the Chanel and Giambattista Valli shows. As soon as I heard this I was ecstatic – did she know that this was Giambattista Valli first couture show in Paris!! And Chanel – how much more perfect could her trip get? Luckily for you, she was more than happy to share her photos for the part time stylist. I’ll post them first thing Monday morning to brighten up your week… but let me just say she got some amazing shots! I’m talking Anna Dello Russo, Margherita Missoni and Carine Roitfeld good!

Have a lovely weekend xx.

Un Petit Voyage

Sorry for the long pause from blogging! Had a wonderful trip to Montreal, and with all the outfit options, I couldn’t seem to squish my laptop in my carry on.

My trip was unfortunately a day short of including the Festival de Mode & Design, but I did get the chance to hang around while they were setting up and ask a few questions. While this fashion festival is a great chance for high street brands to showcase their upcoming fall lines, I was really looking forward to seeing what the design students at LaSalle College and Cegep Marie-Victorin were sending down the runway. Fashion design students at LaSalle in particular, put together a collection that I was sad to be missing. Credited to be inspired by post-war haute couture that emphasized fitted waists and defined silhouettes, the show was touted to feature looks that exuded casual chic with an urban feel. 

First thing on my agenda when I landed in Montreal was the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit (more pictures to come!!), and while I was taken by the entire exposition, I fell for this army-inspired look. Being no stranger to the urban jungle, visiting Gaultier’s exhibit at Musee des Beaux-Arts got me tingling with excitement to see what these students had created. I will hunt around to get photos of the show for you, but in the mean time you can follow Robyn Chamblers, one of the Montreal Bloggers involved with the event.